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Marketing HUB ( is a Croatian community of experts in digital marketing. It is our experts who are responsible for the growth and development of every modern business in Croatia, especially when you take into account that we are focused on the maximum return on the invested budget during advertising, and we are extremely successful in this. We would like to introduce you to the possibilities of cooperation in creating and running strong campaigns on social networks and effective Google advertising.


In today's digital age, social media advertising is an essential part of marketing strategies for many businesses. And while some consider Facebook obsolete in the world of social media, the truth is that this platform is still the leader when it comes to advertising. Namely, Facebook reached the number of 3 billion monthly active users this year!

Facebook advertising is based on the ubiquitous PPC (Pay Per Click) model, which has become the single most widely used billing system for digital advertising. The reason is simple: you do not pay for the display of your ads, which to a good extent will not even be perceived by part of the target audience - but you only pay when the user decides to learn more about your offer and confirms it by clicking on your ad.

If you've ever wondered how to use Facebook advertising, if you want to discover the secrets that will help you reach your target audience, build recognition of your brand and achieve additional success in sales - then we are the first community of experts that will make it possible for you.


Google is the most used internet search engine, which you can use to highlight your business, and we ensure that you are at the top of the Google search results of potential clients. If you want to attract new visitors to your website, increase online sales, make more calls or encourage users to return, Google Ads advertising will help you with this. Therefore, if you want successful Google advertising, with an effective return on the money invested in advertising, quality optimization, efficient conversion rates, efficient CTR and ad ranking, contact us.

In the following example (which does not have to be related to your business), we will explain to you in more detail how we do one of the most demanding Google advertising - we are talking about webshop Google Ads;

When it comes to Google advertising for webshops, we segment campaigns according to web shop categories and searched keywords. Each campaign has products and closely related related keywords with the purpose of maximizing return on investment. We leave/scale profitable campaigns/products/keywords while shutting down unprofitable ones. In the approach itself, the full focus is on Google Search advertising, while we mostly ignore Display advertising in every context except through remarketing (if necessary). The reason for this is the fact that Google Display is primarily used as a branding tool, so in most cases (regardless of optimization) it is difficult to achieve profitability.

We first set up the campaigns with the ECPC bid strategy to manually determine how much we will invest for each keyword, then (after a few dozen conversions) we switch to the TCPA strategy. With this approach, we minimize the chances of "over-spending" and have the maximum chance of stable results. The campaign format is standard Search combined with SMART campaigns (which Google favors and have the highest chance of collecting keywords directly from the market, which tools like KW Planner do not find so easily).


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